Luxury Real Estate. Done Right.

At Atlantis National Services, each one of your commercial transactions is deserving of our utmost attention. We understand how complex and challenging commercial deals can be. We are dedicated to providing you with our white-glove service, from the opening of the file to the processing of the final paperwork.


With access to real estate professionals, attorneys, bankers, commercial and residential developers, consultants, acquisition teams, funds, brokerages and  investment bankers, our team can handle your upcoming purchase or closing with care, privacy and professionalism.


Our White- Glove Service is an individualized approach to luxury commercial and residential real estate tailored for the fast paced NYC real estate marketplace. We arrange networking opportunities for our clients on an ongoing basis and stay on the pulse of the real estate world. This commitment to our network leads to one of the best partnership and response platforms in the 




What you can expect: 


  • One -on-One personal attention & communication  


  • Proffessional Privacy  


  • Regular Updates on real estate news related  to your transaction(s)


  • Personalized Real Estate Investment Consulting


  • Access to our entire network of real estate insiders 




Contact our team to see how we assist you and your team:


11 Middle Neck Road, Suite 400, 4th Floor Great Neck, NY 11021, Tel: (516) 829-7100, Fax: (516) 487 3635, Email:

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