Need Help Understanding the Closing Process? 


At Atlantis National Service, we know how tricky closing can be. Let us help demystify it. Below are some FAQ's about title insurance, closing and the final stages of a real estate transaction. Don't see your question here? Feel free to post in below in our comments section and we'll get you an answer. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook for closing tips, real estate news and help with your title insurance questions!


Recently, I've read about a new "simplified mortgage disclosure act" -- what is it and what does it mean for me?


In efforts to make the homebuying process a bit less confusing, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has created a new set of regulatory standards that all real estate transactions must follow. These new rules include simplified, consolidated forms, more general and specific information provided to the homebuyer and extended measures to help homebuyers avoid penalties. They've also required lenders and all affiliates to provide more reliable estimates and created an open marketplace for consumers to search for their own service providers instead of relying soley on their agents. These new changes take effect August 1, 2015.

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How does title insurance help me as a homebuyer? 


It's your best form of protection against any errors & defects in your property's title. After you buy a home, a title insurance agent will search public records to make sure that your new home's title is clear, almost like a background check on your property. Forgery, undisclosed heirs, faulty land records, unpaid taxes... More than 1/3 of all title searches reveal a title problem that can be fixed before your final closing. Best of all, title insurance only makes up about 0.5% of your total purchase price. We do exhaustive research and due diligence to make sure your title is clear before closing so much so that it's rare for lenders or homebuyers to suffer a loss under their policy.  It's great to have us in your corner!


Why are there so many parties involved?


The final stage of purchasing property requires a lot of logistics. From lenders and agents to realtors and attorneys, the last step is intricate and can take up to 2 weeks to complete. You can expect to sign a lot of papers including closing cost settlements, loan documents and title transfers. You will also finally close your escrow. While it can be a lengthy process, picking the right company can ensure that the process is seamless and stress free.  


How can I get the best deal? 

Hire an title insurance company that understands (and complies with) local regulations. Get a well versed real estate attorney. Hire competent, experienced professionals who will work to get the most value out of your transaction. In short, build a great team! Start with Atlantis.

Will I still need Atantis after I've finished closing?


At Atlantis, we're more than just title insurance. Our network of property experts can help you even after the purchase is over. From real estate investment consulting to co-op resources. When you're ready to buy more property, Atlantis will help you connect so the best attorneys, lendors, bankers and agents in the country. 



Why is compliance so important? 



As both local and federal regulations continue to change, choosing a company that is both compliant and professional gives you -- the valued client -- peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a service provided to you by industry experts. Our entire process is secured and protects all your important information and documents from beginning to end. We ensure privacy, protection and most important priority so that you can rest assured that your closing will be done with care and good esteem.