We're more than title insurance.


We're your best resource in the ever evolving real estate marketplace. 



We have put together a team of experts who share a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. We are constantly working to ensure that our ground breaking proprietary software continues to lead the industry in efficiency and usability.


Atlantis was founded in 2005 by brothers, Raymond and Radni Davoodi, both of whom have been title professionals since 2001. Though they began on a regional level, their goal was to create a title company that could provide a full suite of services for clients in multiple states. Atlantis National Services' proprietary 24/7 pipeline software played an instrumental part in its initial and continuing success as Atlantis grew into a national company. First developed in 2005, the software -- a program that allows us to stay connected to our clients virtually from anywhere in the world -- continues to lead the industry in usability, efficiency, and innovation. Through various updates, Atlantis National Services' pipeline software remains one of the best in the industry.


Since its inception, Atlantis National Services has strived to provide reliable, responsive, client-centric services -- making us an industry leader in title insurance and all things real estate. 




11 Middle Neck Road, Suite 400, 4th Floor Great Neck, NY 11021, Tel: (516) 829-7100, Fax: (516) 487 3635, Email: Info@atlantisorganization.com

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